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Aloe vera is becoming increasingly popular within both the beauty and health industries, and is utilised for both its healing and beautifying properties. Aloe is one of the oldest botanicals on record, dating back to 2200 BC.

Aloe Vera is one of the oldest botanicals on record and has been used for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes for thousands of years. Its soothing effect on both the skin and in the digestive system has turned aloe vera into a popular beauty product ingredient; used to create anti-ageing moisturisers and masks, as well as being a favourite ingredient in post-workout protein drinks. Aloe is also widely regarded as being able to help the muscles recover after exercise, so it’s no wonder that this plant is now part of many sports supplements.Organic Aloe Vera Extract ingredients include: aloe barbadensis leaf carbohydrate polysaccharides, aloe barbadensis leaf polysaccharide, stearic acid polyester, lecithin.

You can use Aloe vera all day long and night, so, whether it’s repairing and protecting your skin or soothing aching muscles – it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you want to use it. It’s also ideal for making creams, lotions & potions.

Slowly and carefully pull the skin away from the leaf to reveal its delicate white tube. Maintaining moisture in the leaves maintains their naturally gel-like consistency, which is visible when the leaf is viewed under low-power magnification. In nature, aloe plants produce new leaves throughout the year to replace their old ones. It’s this constant regeneration of new leaves that maximises growth in aloe plants and also makes aloe vera beneficial to our overall health. Aloe vera, therefore, should be consumed regularly to ensure a full, nourishing diet for you.

Perfectly sized and shaped to fit perfectly in your hand, the new Forever Living Products collection of body lotion, hand and face creams, lip balms and more will pamper and care for the one you love. Filled with natural aloe vera juice and pure essential oils such as rosemary oil, lemon oil, orange oil and lavender, these vegan original body lotions are at their best when used on skin that’s been exfoliated and well hydrated.

Forever Living Products is committed to providing cutting edge products that are eco-friendly, offer a superior level of quality, and are manufactured with natural ingredients to ensure they label comply with global regulations.

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