Forever™ Essential Oils Peppermint


Forever™ Essential Oils Peppermint is made from the highest quality plants. The higher menthol content lets you enjoy more of the natural calming and cooling effect of peppermint.


Pure, powerful and invigorating

• Provides a sense of comfort and refreshing energy
• Distinct, powerful and pure aroma
• Blends well with other oils
• Perfect for topical use or diffuser
• Vegetarian friendly
• Vegan friendly
• Gluten free

The use of peppermint dates back to Roman and ancient Greek cultures, where it was used as an aromatic as well as an ingredient for food. Today, the oil from this beloved botanical is revered for aromatherapy and topical use.

Forever® Essential Oils Peppermint will help you feel fresh and invigorated because we use the finest crops found anywhere in the world. We searched the globe to find the perfect peppermint and found it in Washington’s Yakima Valley. The fertile soil and ash from the eruption of Mount St. Helen’s makes the area and ideal environment for growing plants with a higher menthol content for a distinct, powerful and pure aroma.

The result is a pure, fresh aroma to awaken your senses. Your sense of smell is one of the most important tools you use to take in the world around you, but there’s more to it than that. The brain’s olfactory receptors located in the back of the nasal cavity are linked directly to the limbic system, which supports emotion and memory. It’s no surprise that aromatherapy can have such a profound impact on our memory and even our mood.

Essential oils are extracted from carefully selected crops primarily using steam distillation and cold pressing. Each essential oil is extracted from a certain part of the plant, including blossoms, fruits, seeds, leaves and even bark and roots. The plant part used and extraction techniques are distinct to each type of oil. The end result is nature’s purest botanical essence, harvested especially for you.


Dilute 2 to 4 drops with water, carrier oil or lotion for topical or aromatic use.

Ingredients List

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil


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