Why You Should Switch to Aloe Vera Tooth Gel?

Your teeth are one of the pillars to a sound body. They are literally the master of your mouth, helping you eat and enjoy the best of meals. Some people even develop the bad habit of using their teeth as tools because they seem invincible.

Using your teeth every day is the easy part, but learning to care for them and keep them strong and clean is difficult for many. Thankfully, helpful tools like toothpaste and a tooth gel make caring for the teeth easy. All you have to do is squeeze out some of that soft substance on your toothbrush and clean your teeth.

The only problem is, there are so many brands of tooth gels on the market. And not every one of them comes through on their promise of a safe and healthy product. Some only offer one benefit, which means your teeth doesn’t get the all-around care it needs. Others cannot provide an adequate solution to certain teeth problems.

This is where a plant like aloe vera comes in. The most striking benefit of aloe vera for humans is that it is natural and every solution it offers carries little to no side effect.

Aloe vera has been used in the dental industry for hundreds of years. From using the whole fresh gel as a substitute for commercial toothpaste or tooth gels to adding it as a primary ingredient in similar products.

In this article, we will discuss why you need to make the switch to aloe vera tooth gel for your teeth.

First, Toothpaste vs Tooth gel

Before we can proceed, it is important for you to know the difference between toothpaste and a tooth gel. A lot of people confuse the two.

A toothpaste and a tooth gel have no medical difference. This means that you cannot compare or distinguish both based on effectiveness or quality. None is better for the teeth than the other.

A tooth gel often comes with a translucent appearance. It is clear, smooth, and fully represents its name as a gel. Tooth gels usually contain a high level of silica.

Toothpaste, on the other hand, is soft, minty, and come with slightly different textures. Toothpaste contains fluoride. They are more popular, and therefore most people believe that toothpastes are better than tooth gels.

In terms of features, tooth gels are less abrasive than toothpaste especially when they are made from the natural gel of aloe vera. People with sensitive teeth, enamel defects, and mineral lacking diets benefit more than others from this lower abrasiveness. It helps to clean the teeth gently and avoid possible damage to the vulnerable enamel.

Quality tooth gels clean as well as quality toothpastes. The fact that pastes foam and gels do not foam does not mean that paste cleans better. It is actually the proper brushing technique combined with the quality teeth product that guarantees clean teeth.

 Why do you need a tooth gel in the first place?

Certainly this question has crossed your mind a couple of times. Why do you need to always consider using a tooth gel or toothpaste every single day?! Here are your answers.

  • To address dental concerns

The right tooth gel does more than clean the teeth. It helps to soothe sensitive teeth, aid teeth whitening, and prevent teeth decay and gum diseases.

  • A fresh mouth

Using a tooth gel to clean the mouth takes out all the dirt, food particles, and unwanted microorganisms to leave you with a fresh mouth.

  • Preventive care

The use of quality teeth products helps to reduce the chance of dental issues. This saves you pain, a waste of money, and time from dental diseases.

What aloe vera as a tooth gel brings to the table

  1. Aloe vera cleans teeth effectively

We have been talking about clean teeth from the start of the article, but it’s time to break it down. Clean teeth are teeth that are free of dirt, plaque, unwanted bacteria, and disease.

Aloe vera gel is a natural anti-microbial substance that helps to eliminate bacteria. It disinfects the gum and mouth, removes dirt easily and contributes to fresh breath.

The plant contains compounds such as anthraquinones that kill harmful bacteria and prevent cavities or teeth diseases. Even when these diseases do occur, switching to aloe vera teeth products can facilitate treatment and quicker recovery than with other regular products. The properties of the plant are known to play a role in fighting dental plaque effectively.

  1. It is mild and less abrasive

From simply touching aloe vera gel you can guess that aloe vera teeth products or tooth gel will be as mild as the real thing. Aloe vera does not contain the abrasive found in most toothpastes. This makes it gentle yet effective on teeth. It is ideal for sensitive teeth, kids, old persons, and those with enamel defects.

  1. Suitable for vegetarians

Aloe vera is a plant and this gives it a natural origin not involving animals. Aloe vera toothpaste or tooth gel would be a great option for vegetarians. It is a whole and completely green product unlike its counterparts, with no animal by-products included.

  1. Heals and relieves pain

Teeth or mouth injuries, diseases, and inflammation can be addressed by aloe vera.  The power-packed gel of aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain in the mouth and promote healing. Aloe vera is soothing and cool and this makes it feel good in the mouth.

  1. Teeth whitening

There’s no shame in admitting that you are obsessed with getting white teeth. Many people have tried several products in their search for whiter, gleaming teeth. Lucky for you, you can now dig into a healthier solution for white teeth. There is no specific property of aloe vera that makes it an active teeth whitener. Rather, it is a combination of all its benefits that work to give you white, gleaming teeth. Using aloe vera tooth gel or other aloe vera teeth products consistently can offer you natural results.

  1. A nice flavor

An ideal toothpaste or tooth gel should leave a good flavor in your mouth. Most aloe vera tooth gels have a minty flavor that is widely loved.

You can read more on aloe vera and oral health here.

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