Who are we?

We are humans and family people.

We have kids, friends, pets, problems, sometimes we get sick, end up in debts, feel happy, sad and so on. We are not different than many of you. At the same time, we are fans of Aloe Vera, probably as many of you. In other words, we’re enthusiasts who want to spread the word.

What Aloe Vera is and what it isn’t?

  1. Many people know too much about Aloe Vera. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and wrong information. We are here not to correct you but to picture a different image of it. If you think you know more than us – we would be happy to hear from you. So, fear not to get in touch and send us any suggestions you may have. We thank you in advance.

  2. Aloe Vera has a history of use in folk medicine for many disorders, which dates back thousands of years. Sure enough, knowing this is informative. However, we can track case histories of Aloe Vera users as well.

Aloe Vera benefits:

  1. Using Aloe Vera is not a privilege of the elites. We should know more about such benefits and what Aloe Vera could be used for.

  2. What Aloe Vera contains? Rest assured, Aloe Vera does not have any magical components. Actually, it contains at least 98% of water (some scientists claim it exceeds 98%). But the rest could be important for us, especially the combination of other ingredients. Many people find Aloe Vera to be a good supplement.

  3. Comments, thoughts and opinions about Aloe Vera by doctors, scientists, vets, therapist, nutritionists and other practitioners are widely available. Sometimes they can provide us with particularly useful information about Aloe Vera. We will try to present objective references of research papers, studies, articles, and so forth. Aloe Vera is not our property, it belongs to everyone.

Why Aloe Vera has such an important role in diet and nutrition today?

Here’s an objective opinion on what you should know before you purchase Aloe Vera products.


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